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Protea/M Nutrition For Men

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

At PROTEA-M, we take pride in each of our products but beyond that, we take ultimate pride in you getting the results you are desiring. If you are not fully satisfied with any of our products, we have a no hassle 100% money back guarantee. We would be honored to help you on a 1-on-1 basis to fully understand your goals and dreams so we can make sure you are taking the correct products to help reach your goals. This is our favorite part of the job!
You will be responsible for shipping the products back to our returns department to the address shown below.

  1. Pack up the item you’re returning. Include a signed letter stating the reason for your return and the original receipt received upon initial delivery.
  2. Mail your returned item.  You will be responsible for paying the shipping cost back to Protea-M.
  3. Once we receive the items, we will credit your credit card.
Attn: Returns
27298 Wetland Rd #102
Harrisburg, SD 57032
Protea/M Nutrition For Men

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