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Protea/M Nutrition For Men


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Finished Goods and Manufacturer Testing Protocol per GMP standards:
1. Manufacturer is responsible for assuring that finished form dietary supplements meet the established specifications as affirmed by testing.
2. Examination of the finished form products is performed on a statistically valid sampling of the product.
3. Quality Control is responsible for holding products in a manner that does not contribute to contamination or adulteration of material.
4. Laboratories are initially selected based on a qualitative review of the service provider. Specialty, Expertise, Experience, Independent recommendations.
5. Specifications must be verified for the following; Identity, Purity, Strength, Composition, Contamination limits.
6. ALL dietary supplement raw materials consistently meet the established specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition, and limits on contaminants that have been manufactured, packaged, labeled, and held under conditions to prevent adulteration. All raw materials are tested for Identity to verify the materials to match up with the expected specifications. All raw materials are then tested for microbial, pathogens and purity if applicable. Once all test results come back from the lab approved for use, they are then transitioned from ‘Quarantine Status’ to ‘Release Status’ and available for manufacturing.
7. After finished goods are complete, they are then sent out for testing again for microbial, pathogens, heavy metals and purity if applicable.
8. Every batch # and sku that is manufactured, manufacturer retains 6 bottles of each to ensure shelf stability and tested again at later dates to ensure ingredient stability.
9. Manufacturer has an open-door policy for all companies that they manufacture for to inspect their facility at any time.
10. All ingredients and end products are tested to ensure that levels of certain metals and other chemicals are below the specified levels pertaining to FDA standards.

Protea/M prides itself on only choosing high quality, preservative, additive, and filler free ingredients. We have hand selected each ingredient in our products to bring you the cleanest, highest quality products while keeping your health in mind. We went as far as making sure we only use folate vs. folic acid and guaranteeing our silicone dioxide is that of non-nano particles.

All products are dairy and soy free.

Yes, all of our products are Vegan.

All Protea/M products are Nut Free. However, they are manufactured in a facility that processes products containing nuts.

Protea/M uses organic ingredients in our products yet we are not currently certified organic.

We typically ship everything via USPS Priority Mail service

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We ship everything priority mail which has a typical delivery date of 2-3 days, depending on location.

Yes, we have a 100% no hassle return policy.  You will be responsible for shipping the product back to our warehouse.  Please click here to view our Return policy.

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Protea/M Nutrition For Men

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