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Protea/M Nutrition For Men
Protea/M Athlete - Aaron Orton

Aaron Orton

Aaron Orton is a business owner, pro natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and US infantry marine.

Aaron is a teacher of his practice. He truthfully and passionately teaches his clients his knowledge in nutritional management, stress management, healthy practices, and positive mindsets in order to ingrain health based lifestyle changes for the long term.

Aarons business Genuine Fitness is just that… genuine and REAL advice, training and fitness knowledge.

Eric Logue

Eric Logue is a career firefighter, fitness competitor, former certified personal trainer, husband and father.

Eric had a realization in his 20’s that he no longer wanted to be overweight and unhealthy. He began to understand that exercise was only a small piece in the entire picture of health and that he could never outwork a bad diet.
Since then, and for over a decade, Eric has dedicated much of his time and drawn from his education and experience to learn how all the body systems are interconnected and dependent upon one another to function. He learned how proper nutrition coupled with targeted supplementation helps to balance all the interconnected systems and improve overall health and wellness.
Eric knows what it feels like when the body is not functioning properly and he knows what it feels like when it is, he’ll never go back to the former.

Protea/M Athlete - Eric Logue
Protea/M Athlete - Rob Bozada


Rob Bozada is a Certified trainer for Nike World Headquarters. Rob’s philosophies are based on principles of sport science and systems theory. He has a broad scope of practice and experience as a trainer but is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and research in functional training, mobility, strength and conditioning.

Beau Torbert

Protea/M Athlete - Beau Torbert
Protea/M Nutrition For Men

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